Texas Green Landscape, Outdoor Living & Holiday Lights 

  • Design  (Custome design to Fit your Budget and Needs)
  • Install
  • Pool Scapes
  • ​Rock and Stone Bed Edging
  • Custom stone edging
  • Tree Installation
  • French Drain Systems
  • Sod Installation
  • Irrigation( Install and Repairs)
  • Tree Removal 
  • Tree Trimming
  • Landscape lighting
  • Outdoor living
  •  Purgola
Every property owner searching for a landscape designer that has a basic idea of how their landscaping should look - "it has to be great!" it's our job to develop those visions into reality for you. We provide a wide variety of services including design, installation, and remodeling of existing landscape environments. Beginning with your initial consultation, I will be devoted to making your experience with Texas Green positive and pleasing. As professional North Texas landscape designers, we thrive on solid communication, seamless construction and customer satisfaction.
God gave us the plants,"Spectacular Plants", but what we do with the plants is up to us .  They're the tolls of our art.  However they are merely the building blocks.  It's the Design that ties it all together.  Landscape design is the greatest part of gardening .  It's a chance to show your personality - to choose plants that please you.   It's a chance to meet your  family's needs.  It an Opportunity to combine plants and art forms, to mix and to match, but most importantly, it's a chance  to leave something behind you besides footprints. Something functional and beautiful - a spot of betterment - for you, for your family, and for all those who pass by.

And in the Early days (In his new house) he created a landscape. And that landscape grew and flourished and added to his love of his world and to the value of his home
Landscape Service
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​Laid In stone and Boulders

Laid in stone and boulders is stone that is just laid in in on top of the ground  with no mortar, This type of stone work is less expensive than stone that is mortared into place
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Mortared Stone

Mortared stone is stone that is held together with mortar, All mortared stone has a concrete footer with continuous rebar, footer is a  minimum of 4" wide by 4" deep  
Other Landscaping 
Outdoor Living    and    Landscape Lighting