Texas Green Landscape, Outdoor Living & Holiday Lights 

 About our Service
1)  We customize the design to fit your home, no open      sockets, lines end where they need to 

2)  We carry a large stock of materials on hand
          *  1000 ft spools for C9 lights
          *  Red, Green, Clear, Blue and Multi Colored                       Bulbs
          *  Clips, Timers and Extension Cords
          *  Yard Stakes
          *  LED lighting

3)  Our experienced crew guarantees professionalism        and timely install

4)  We include free maintenance during the holiday              season  (48hr turn around, weather permitting)
     see our Service policies

5)  One price for install and removal

6)  Storage and totes available upon request

7)  Full General Liabilty Insurance

8)  We take the extra steps like calculating the amount        of electricity required so you avoid tripping breakers 

1)   Schedule an appointment  for your free consultation and estimate

2)   We will assit you in your design, light colors, power needed and storage        options  

3)   ​Your quote will be supplied to you and will include, install, removal, and                   storage if  requested

4)   The price for the first year will include materials and labor, the following year        will be only  labor unless additional materials are bought

5)   Lights will be maintained in working condition during the Holiday Season, any         repairs needed will have a 48hr turn around, (weather permitting), One or two
      bulbs out  does not  constitute a non working condition.  

6)   If we come out to repair the lights  and find out it is not a fault of ours like (high       winds, tree branches draging lights off of home, GFI plugs tripped, damage             by rodents or squirrels, theft or other acts of Mother Nature, then a minimum           service charge of $40 minimum will apply)

7)   Payment for the lights are due when the lights are installed, we accept all of       the following: cash, checks, and all major credit cards.  If lights are not paid  at       Installation or prior arrangements made, 10 days after installation if payment is       not recieved there will be a$50 Service Charge . 

8)   The following year you will be contacted with the price and the scheduled date        if you decide that you would like us to install your lights again.
Services and Policies
Texas Green makes it easy, whether you know what you want or you prefer we create a customized design exclusively for your property.  Decorating your home or business with a beautiful lighting display for the holidays. It need not be one more thing to add to your " to-do list".

A Time To Celebrate !
So Let Us Decorate !
While You Set Back and Appreciate!
       Our Services 
Custom fit House Lights
Tree Lighting
Yard Lighting
Install of Garland and Wreaths
Tree Lighting
Installation and Removal
Decorated Wreaths
Holiday Lights Installation Since 2001
Types of Materials Used 
Note, We are not a vendor but carry materials for Customers
SPT-!, 1000 Ft Spools,
 12 Inch Spacing, C9
C9 Transparent Bulbs Stocked        C7 Stocked in Red and Clear Only
 C9  Ceramic Bulbs Stocked
LED C9 and C7 Available Upon Request
Warm White
Yard Stakes
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Twinkling LED C9 and C7 Available Upon Request
Pure White
      LIGHTS START GOING UP October 18th Book Early 
       New Customers                Please fill out the contact us section, please make sure                                                                          you include the following information 
                                                    1) Your Address 
                                                    2) what you are looking for 
                                                              house lights
                                                              trees Lights 
                                                              yard lights 
                                                    3) cell number that can be text to. 
                                                    4) text a picture of you home to 214-762-4560 with the                                                                             address and name 

        Existing Customers               Call 214-762-4560 or 214-734-3639 to get scheduled

Real World Christmas Lights Scenario
For example lets say your house will require 265 ft. of lights. The homeowner could go with LED or incandescent lights. Either option would look great, but what the homeowner may not realize is that the electrical needs for each are vastly different and require different plans.

If the homeowner chooses LED lights they could string all 265 ft. together, end to end and plug them all into a single plug...but the LEDs are more expensive. If the homeowner chooses less expensive incandescent bulbs they'd have to run 3 separate strings that each use separate outlet plugs. And, it's highly likely the homeowner would have to make sure they were using two different house circuits to handle the capacity.

Either option would look fantastic but the LED option is 38 watts (0.3 Amps) whereas the incandescent option is 1,925 watts (16 amps). Both options can be easily planned for, but the incandescent option requires more understanding of what your home can handle as well as what your strings can handle.

         LED                                   INCANDESCENT
           38 total Watts                           1925 Total Watts
           0.3 Amps                                 16.04 Amps
           $1.04/Season                          $52.21/Season
           1 Outlet Required                    3 outlets Required
           1 timers                                    2 Timers

Most household circuits are 15 or 20 amps

It is recommended that all circuits never exceed 80% of their max wattage capacity

15 amp circuits support 1,800 watts (80% capacity is 1,440 max watts)

20 amp circuits support 2,400 watts (80% capacity is 1,920 max watts)